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your donations help local charities like these,

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

What is the Crimson Collective?

Charity helping Charities.

We're a non-profit dedicated to supporting local charities in the Salt Lake City valley fulfill their various charters. We have partnered with local student influencers in order to utilize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) to increase brand awareness, event attendance, and direct donations to our selected Charities.

A Community Focused NIL.

Collaborate. We foster partnerships between Utah alumni, student-athletes, and the local community.
Support. Empower student-athletes to stay in school and support themselves financially.
Promote. Encourage student-athlete personal growth and support civic and charitable involvement
Connect. Build relationships between student-athletes, and the community

$1,250,000 raised
of $5,000,000 goal

"Best of Both Worlds."

"We love Utah, we love the team, and the players. It's refreshing to see an organization that's dedicated to both supporting them and the community around us. I feel better about donating because I know the money is going to supporting people in need."

"Giving Back Makes Us Better"

"I hated seeing athletes graduate and then blow the opportunities they are given. With the Crimson Collective we are helping them realize what's most important in life and giving them the tools to succeed on and off the field."

"Bigger than Football"

"I'm a booster, but now I am able to donate more and feel good knowing what they are doing is way bigger than football and just winning games. Although we still love that too!"

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Your support counts

Become a partner.

We welcome partnerships with individuals, companies, and charitable organizations who share our passion to support Utah, the athletes, and the community we live in.

The Crimson Collective is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. We create avenues for Utah student-athletes to make a positive impact with their name, image, and likeness (NIL). And our partnership with local organizations gives student-athletes meaningful NIL collaborations.

We’re focused on the well-being of our Utah student-athletes and our community.


Opportunities to promote your organization
Leverage student-athlete social platform reach
Mutually beneficial managed partnerships
Be a part of the Utah Utes athlete family


Getting Involved and Giving Back.

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Our Team. Our Town.

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Your support really matters. The Crimson Collective is a non profit NIL collective that directly impacts student quality of life, local businesses, other local nonprofits, and the University of Utah.